two bucket vans

In the 37 years we have been doing signs, last week we had an occurrence that has never happened before. We found ourselves with two identical vehicles in the yard, and they were not for the same customers. And these were not just some ordinary vehicles: no, these were bucket vans; vehicles that we do not get to letter on a regular basis. And to make things more interesting, these vans belonged to companies that are in somewhat related businesses.

van lettering for Oxford Networks    One van was for Oxford Networks. They are a high-speed internet provider, and install phone systems and fiber optics

Van Lettering for Icon Connections of Lewiston    This van belongs to ICON Connections. ICON is basically a subcontractor. They install cable and fiber optics for     companies like Time Warner and others. They do aerial, as well as underground installations, and fiber optics splicing.

Both vans include a combination of printed graphics, as well as cut vinyl lettering.

If you are in need of some vehicle lettering, whether it’s a car, truck, van or tractor trailer, give us a call; Vehicle lettering is our specialty.