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Building tenant directories may go unnoticed, but they do not go unseen. At one time or another, most everyone consults a directory. They are an important part of the corporate world.

For the viewing public, a directory must be easy to read and understand; less time spent trying to figure out where you need to go means less time getting there, and we all need more time. A directory should be easy to make sense of, laid out in an order that’s easy to follow. Additionally, all tenants names should always be done in the same size and style of font in order to keep a consistent and organized look

For the building owner, a directory needs to be flexible. Changes are the very nature of building directories. As tenants come and go, the directory needs to be easily changeable. With the directory seen here, the building owner can easily remove any individual panel and bring it to our shop to be updated. This eliminates the need for us to go out on location to make changes, which keeps the customer’s cost down. In addition to this, the panels are made from a brushed-finish anodized aluminum. That means that it is pretty much impossible to damage the surface when removing the old lettering, so it can easily be cleaned up and made to look like new.
And this particular style can be customized in a number of configurations, with multiple columns and various panel sizes to fit the customer’s needs.

If your building could benefit from a directory, or if it’s time to update to something a little nice looking and easier to change, give us a call; we can help you out.