Carved Sign for Willow Run Dental

HDU Carved Sign with Gold Leaf and Removable Name Panels

When it comes to adding a classy professional look, it’s hard to beat a carved sign. That’s why so many professional businesses, such as medical offices, attorneys, financial and real estate offices to name a few, go with carved gold leaf. It may have an expensive look, because it is. But sometimes you want the business you choose to be solid & successful. And that’s exactly what a carved sign says; “We know what we’re doing, and we’re good at what we do.” When you look at this sign for Willow Run Dental in Auburn, Maine, you feel a certain confidence in their skills.  A carved gilded sign also imparts the feeling that they have been around a while, and that they’re here to stay.
If that’s what you want your sign to say about your business, give Marquis Signs a call, and let us design a carved sign for you.