project sign for Auburn Enterprise Center

4′ x 8′ project sign for Auburn Enterprise Center

A project sign might not be the “sexiest” of sign projects, but like most signs, it plays an important role. If your business or organization is trying to sell lots, whether in a business development or a residential subdivision, a site sign is your first line of advertisement. First of all it is seen by every single person that passes that location every day. and when it includes a map, it gives the prospective buyer a very good idea of what they are buying.

In the days of hand painting, putting a full-color map on a site sign was a costly endeavor; First, the map had to be drawn out by hand in order to get the layout and proportions right. Then it had to be painted in however many colors were required… all in all a very time consuming process. And if it was to be a two-sided sign, multiply that by two.
Today, with digital printing being the norm, all it takes is a good quality electronic file from the architect, some layout for the rest of the copy, and the entire sign can be digitally printed. The print is then applied to the sign panel and it is ready to install.

And never underestimate the power of color. If the map on this sign had been rendered in black & white, there’s a good chance that many drivers would go right by it without even noticing it. However, the large blocks of color make it almost impossible to ignore.

So the next time you’re in need of a site sign for your project or development, give Marquis Signs a call. We would love to help you out.