Official Business Directional Signs

Official Business Directional Signs

OK, so their official name is a bit long; Official Business Directional Signs (OBDS for short). Most people just call them DOT signs. But whatever you call them, they can be a great advertising buy.

If your business is off the beaten path, or even just off the main road, you will likely qualify to have these signs installed. Their main intent is to direct people that are looking for you to your business. But in fact they will also tell people that didn’t know about you that you exist, and they don’t even have to go by your business.

The state allows businesses to place OBDS signs up to a six mile radius from their location. Different towns have different regulations as to how many you are allowed, so you’ll need to check with your town’s code enforcement office first. In order to get the signs there is a $35.00 application fee per sign, and then the state assesses an annual $15.00 fee per sign for a 12″ x 48″ sign. But when you consider how many drivers will see these signs over the course of a year, that works out to an incredible advertising value.

You’ll first need to fill out an application for each sign you want. We usually have some of these forms in stock, and we can help you with filling them out. Then you’ll need to take the finished forms to your town office and get their approval on the locations. Once approved by the city you’ll mail the forms to the DOT office with the required fees. Once you are notified of approval we’ll make your signs. Once finished you’ll need to deliver the signs to the DOT maintenance lot specified on the approval forms and they will install them for you. Don’t worry if there isn’t already a post with other OBDS signs where you want yours; as long as it is approved, the state will install a new post for your sign. How can you beat that?

Of course, once they are installed, it is up to you to maintain them. If they start to look worn or faded, or if they get beat by a snow plow (it happens) you will want to have a new one made to keep up that first class appearance.