etch-look vinyl on glass

frosted vinyl on glass gives the appearance of etched glass

Have you ever wanted to have your window or glass door chemical-etched, but figured you couldn’t afford it? Well think again.

Actual etched glass is indeed expensive. But did you know that there is a vinyl product that looks just like etched glass? Well there is, and it is just as affordable as any other type of vinyl lettering.

The etched look is not appropriate for every application. But when it is used correctly, it can add a real feeling of high-end class to a business.  Etched look is typically used for high-end types of businesses, corporate offices, and anytime an understated graphic is desired, and most commonly for interior door and window graphics, as opposed to main outdoor entries.  It is used to show your company name or logo without having an overwhelming  presence.
And because of its translucency and light diffusing properties, etched-look vinyl can be utilized when regular vinyl wouldn’t be appropriate: Logos that cover a large portion of a window, without blocking too much light; creating privacy without completely blocking out light; or highlighting an invisible glass panel that people might otherwise walk into, without being overwhelmingly noticeable.

So the next time you want a classy look for your office, keep the etched-look in mind. It could be just what you need