monument sign for marquis sign

In business, it’s important not to get stuck in a rut. Just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be changed. So after some fifteen-or-so years with the same logo we thought it was time for a change; to update our image. This new logo is colorful and contemporary, while at the same time paying tribute to the past with the letter style. It also lends itself well to both a horizontal format, and a stacked, more square version with the “M” on top, as seen here. This is important so that it can be used for various applications. Our new logo has been incorporated into our sign, vehicles, web site and apparel.
We’re also rolling it out at the Androscoggin B2B trade show on June 18 at the Colisee. Stop by our booth and register to win gift cards to FUEL RESTAURANT and THE VAULT WINE & BEER SHOP

If it’s time you updated your logo, give us a call and let us help you freshen up your image.

Our new sign is really just our old sign with a new face. We painted the whole thing white so as not to clash with the new logo colors.
Then we applied a new white face panel to cover the left-over holes and adhesives of the old logo.
The new logo consists of graphics cut from 1″ thick pvc and surface mounted. The “M” logo features a digital print on 1″ pvc that was mounted with a 1/4″ projection for a bit more dimension