Carved Sign for Linnell Choate & Webber

Carved HDU sign with coved edge and gold leaf

Sure, you’ve got a sign. You’ve had it for many years. But when was the last time you actually took a critical look at it? Maybe it’s time you did just that.

You’re sign is the often first impression your potential customers will have of your business. You better make sure it says what you want it to. If it is old it might be faded, the lettering might be peeling, or if it is a wooden sign, like this one for Linnell Choate & Webber, the wood may be cracking, splitting, or even rotting. This one is 30 years old, and actually had moss growing on top. We had done work for Linnell several times, and at one point I mentioned to one of the partners that it might be time for a new sign. They hadn’t really paid much attention to it, and were totally shocked at its condition when they came out to look at it. Needless to say they immediately asked us to make a new one.

They wanted to keep the new sign looking just like the old one, right down to the gold cove-routed edge, since they actually use that design in all their advertising and print material. So we took a photo of the sign and made measurements, and set out to make a new one. One difference in the new sign is that it is not made from wood. It was carved from High Density Urethane foam (HDU) which is totally impervious to water, weather, insects and rot. This sign will never crack, peel or rot, even if it is up for another 30 years.

    Carved Sign for Linnell Choate & Webber

Old cracking and rotting wooden carved sign

The new HDU sign replaces this old, splitting wooden one, and  will once again portray the image of quality and professionalism that Linnell Choate & Webber is known for.
So take a look at your sign. Does it portray your business in its best light? If not, it’s time for a new one. We can help. Remember, although this saying may be a bit cliche, it is still true; “A good sign doesn’t cost… it pays”.