carpet with woven in logo

Have you been trying to think of one more way to get your company name, brand or message across? How about looking down? Most people tend to look down rather than up. It’s only natural. And while they are looking down, they might as well be looking at your logo. A carpet with your logo on it makes for a great entrance to your building. It lends a certain sense of quality to your image… not just everybody has their logo on a carpet (although they could). And how about that booth you pay for at the trade show every year? Why not have your name on the floor as well as on the wall behind you?

And these carpets are not just screen printed with your logo; the logo is woven right in to the fabric of the carpet. You can walk on it, wipe your feet on it, and wash it without worrying about the logo wearing off. They can be made for both indoor and outdoor use, so they’ll stand up to weather and heavy use.

So the next time you are considering another way to get your name across, think about a carpet… the possibilities will floor you.