D.O.T. Signs


DOT OBDS Directional Sign

Is your business off the beaten Path? Consider using some of these Official Business Directional Signs (OBDS) to help pull in more customers.  Permits for these signs are $35.00 and are issued by the State Department of Transportation.

You will first need to get the DOT  permit applications; we often have some on hand for your convenience. Once these are filled out you will need to contact someone at city hall, usually the code enforcement department, to approve the location and number of signs you want. (DOT allows a maximum of 6 signs up to 10 miles from your business). Once this is done and the permits are sent to Augusta, the DOT will review the applications and determine the exact location of your signs. They also have the final say on which size you will use. This whole process can take several weeks, so it is advisable to get your permits in as soon as you decide you need signs.


Once you get your applications back from the state, you can now bring them to us to begin fabrication. When the signs are finished you will  have to bring them to a DOT maintenance facility specified on the permit. The state will then install the signs, as well as a new post if necessary. Now just stand back and watch new customers start to roll in.

The 12″ x 48″ non-reflective signs can be any color and usually cost around $185 to produce.
Reflective signs must be blue with white lettering and usually cost about $250.

The 16″ x 72″ signs must be reflective and are quite a bit more costly. These signs must be priced on an individual basis.

Give us a call and let us help you bring in more business!