Sandblasted Signs

A sandblasted sign can lend a unique feel to any business. Traditionally using redwood, and more recently using high density urethane, the background of the sign is sandblasted to reveal the natural grain and texture of the wood. The lettering and graphics remains smooth and are now raised above the blasted background. It is then painted or gold leafed.

This type of sign can be used for any type of business, but it fits best with businesses that are associated with nature and the outdoors. Some examples would include landscapers and nurseries, campgrounds, outfitters.

Businesses related to animals and agriculture are also a natural for the sandblasted sign; Horse farms, veterinarians, tree farms, etc.

Any business with a southwestern theme such as restaurants, gift shops and jewelry shops should consider the sandblasted sign, since the southwest is where this technique was first applied to signs.

Perhaps one of the best and most common uses for the sandblasted sign is in real estate. They really make a statement when used as a main identification entry sign for upscale condos or private residential developments, or as an entry sign for your own house or driveway.

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sandblaste HDU sign