Do you need a sign that will be temporary, or easy to transport to different locations? Maybe what you need is a vinyl banner. A banner is a cost-effective alternative to a rigid type of sign, and can be used in many different settings: at a trade show, a booth at a fair or farmer’s market; maybe at your business to announce a new product or program. The possibilities are almost endless.

In addition to being transportable, banners today are most often digitally printed. This means you can have a full color banner, with photos if you wish, for the same price as one with just  single color text!  How cool is that? Another advantage of the printed banner is that you never have to worry about vinyl letters wrinkling, puckering or lifting. This is a huge advantage.

And speaking of huge, its even possible to have a banner as large as 10 feet wide by any length, all one piece. How’s that for big?

One word of advice: If you do intend to use your banner over and over, be sure to roll it when storing it. Never fold it, as folds will show as creases the next time you open it, and you’ll never get them out. With proper care you banner can give you years of service.

Printed vinyl banner for Mechanics Savings Bank of Auburn, Maine

This is a 3′ x 8′ banner for Mechanics Savings Bank that will be used intermittently with other banners for various promotions