Delivery truck for MotoStar Tire of Lisbon Falls, Maine

This 18 foot box delivery truck was fun to do, simply because it was black. Most of the time when we do big trucks we’re working on a white surface. Not only is a black background a nice change of pace, but black just makes graphics look so good. They really pop.

This truck lettering job combines the use of both printed vinyl graphics and computer cut vinyl lettering. Because of the size and complexity of the logo, this portion was printed on five sheets of vinyl, allowing it to be applied with only four seams. The remainder of the white lettering was done with computer cut vinyl. This was more cost effective than doing the entire graphics area as a printed graphic.

Regardless of which method is used, it is always necessary to pay special attention to the rivets.Wherever the vinyl covers a rivet, it must be carefully heated rubbed down with a special brush in order to stretch the vinyl to conform to the rivet and case it to lose its “memory” so that it will not lift back up. This gives the appearance that the lettering is “painted on” over the rivets (the way it used to be).