window lettering in Lewiston, Maine Is your window earning its keep?  Think about it; If you have an office or store-front window that is seen regularly by the public, wouldn’t you want that window to be advertising for you? A blank window acts pretty much like a mirror to the person on the outside. But if that same window had you logo, or some other information on it, it acts like a salesman that is on duty 24/7/365… but you only pay for it once. How can you pass that up? And what’s even better, often times window lettering doesn’t count against the sign square footage that local sign ordinances allow (check with your local code enforcement on that).

Here’s something to keep in mind when it comes to window lettering; Most often when you look at a window from the outside, it generally has a dark appearance. So more often than not it is best to do any lettering in white or a light color… dark colors tend to disappear on windows. Shadows and outlines can also make lettering stand out better.

So if you have a window that might benefit from some lettering or graphics, give us a call; we can hook you up.