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If you currently have, or are thinking of getting some DOT directional signs, you need to be aware of some important changes that are coming.
Currently you can have either a 16″ x 72″ sign, that must be reflective, or more commonly, you could have a 12″ x 48″ sign that can be either reflective or non-reflective. Naturally the cost of a reflective sign, as well as the annual fee to the DOT is higher.
However, the DOT, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that starting in 2020, they will no longer be issuing permits for non-reflective signs. All new signs will have to be reflective. In addition, any existing sign that needs to be replaced will also need to be reflective.
To put this into perspective, we currently are charging $185.00 for a 12″ x 48″ non-reflective sign. The same size reflective sign is about $100.00 more.
What does this mean to you? It means that if you are considering getting some DOT signs (you are allowed up to 6), or if you have some existing DOT sign that need to be replaced, you would be well advised to get them made before 2020. If you ordered six signs after that time it would cost you an extra $600.00 just because they will have to be reflective, which might not even matter to you. And here’s one other consideration; Non-reflective signs can be any color combination. Reflective signs must have a blue background with white letters.

So give that some thought. We have a lot of experience making DOT signs, and we can help you with your needs.